I sure do love my vision boards. I’ve made one each year for the past six years, and while some years it has proven more effective than others, I still enjoy taking the time to plan out my goals for the year. Let’s look back at 2016: Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. Take a scuba diving trip – done! Turks & Caicos 2. Grow into my new role as mom to two girls – still growing 3. Continue raising my girls to be…Continue Reading “2017 Vision Board”


I’ve been a “fan” of the Gentle Barn for years now, following their incredible stories of rescue on Facebook, it’s one of my goals  to visit Gentle Barn in Los Angeles in the next five years. So, when Dudley’s story started on Gentle Barn’s facebook page about two years ago, I was glued to the screen following along on his journey to recovery. Dudley is an amazing cow who lost his foot when he was a calf, luckily Gentle Barn was able to step in…Continue Reading “Never Too Early to Learn Kindness”

16 in 2016 pantone

I have already made my vision board for the new year, but when I saw my friend, Esther’s 16 in 2016 list, I was inspired to make my own. If there’s anything Esther and I both love, it’s making lists. Does anyone else do this? I just love planning my year out and figuring out what I want to accomplish. These goals are essentially my vision board, broken down into more specific and manageable tasks. Personal Goals: 1. Speak more Mandarin to my girls. 2….Continue Reading “16 in 2016”

2016 vision board sm

I love my vision boards. I’ve made one each year for the past five years, and while some years it has proven more effective than others, I still enjoy taking the time to plan out my goals for the year. Let’s look back at 2015: Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. Create and preserve more memories. 2. Eat healthier, and more of a plant-based diet. Getting better at this. I’ve gotten into the groove of meal prep on Sundays so that I have healthy…Continue Reading “2016 Vision Board”

5 interview tips for graphic designers

We recently hired a new graphic designer at work, to help take on some of the design workload since I became digital marketing manager. It was interesting, coming from the “other side” as a hiring manager, you can see so very clearly what employers are looking for when making a hire. Finding a great graphic design job can seem like an impossibly difficult thing to do, especially if you are new to the field. But, it really doesn’t need to be that hard. 1. Be…Continue Reading “5 Interview Tips for Graphic Designers”

Eagle Island Alaska Sea Kayaking

REI’s most recent marketing campaign is taking over social media by storm. In what is almost unheard of in the retail industry, the upscale outdoor gear company is closing all of its stores on Black Friday, encouraging its customers to #OptOutside instead. In recent years, social media has been buzzing with complaints about stores opening earlier and earlier for Black Friday, with many opening on Thanksgiving evening. And while I was never one of those who shopped on Thanksgiving after our family dinner, I usually…Continue Reading “#OptOutside with REI on Black Friday”

Or, how your customers are just like a three year old. The same principles that you use to convince a toddler to eat their vegetables can also be applied to content marketing. 1. Get to the point and it better be interesting. You have a grand total of about 3 seconds to grab the attention of a toddler. I would venture to guess that you have about the same amount of time to grab someone’s attention online. 2. “Again!” When my three year old likes…Continue Reading “What Parenting Has Taught Me About Marketing”


Handmade crafts have a special place in my heart. Even though I studied industrial design, which is all about designing products that can be manufactured in bulk, I really love the personalization and care that goes into crafting a single product. Omerica Organic is an environmentally conscious, Denver-based shop that crafts beautiful jewelry pieces out of wood. My friend Esther, posted about them a few months ago on her blog, and I knew I needed to add one of these little jewels to my collection. After…Continue Reading “Friday Finds :: Sea Turtle Pendant”