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2017 Vision Board

I sure do love my vision boards. I’ve made one each year for the past six years, and while some years it has provenView full post »

16 in 2016

I have already made my vision board for the new year, but when I saw my friend, Esther’s 16 in 2016 list, I wasView full post »

2016 Vision Board

I love my vision boards. I’ve made one each year for the past five years, and while some years it has proven moreView full post »

What Parenting Has Taught Me About Marketing

Or, how your customers are just like a three year old. The same principles that you use to convince a toddler to eatView full post »

Why I Need to be a Working Mom

After almost 7 years of freelance work, I started a full time job back in February. I think I shocked quite a few peopleView full post »

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (of Design Agencies)

Been hearing horror stories of people dealing with design agencies lately, and since it’s Friday the 13th, thisView full post »

Three Hobbies

I came across this image on Pinterest last week and it really resonated with me. Since my word of the year is “View full post »

2015 Vision Board

It’s that time of the year again. It’s resolution time. For me, that means making a vision board. This hasView full post »

Inside the Mind of a Work From Home Mom

Today is a major milestone. I’m finally getting to experience what many moms feel at the beginning of each schoolView full post »

The Irony of It All

We have a new kitchen! We finally bit the bullet and remodeled. It was a long (5 years) time coming and I can not tellView full post »

5 Business Lessons that I’ve Learned from Running

I’ve never considered myself a runner. Even though I’ve completed my fair share of 5K and 10K races, withView full post »

Confessions of a Former Starbucks Addict

Hi, my name is Melissa and I was a Starbucks addict. Three years ago, I freelanced full time from home and wouldView full post »

Goodbye Facebook… See You on Easter

I’m giving up Facebook for Lent. The past few years, I’ve given up various things during Lent. Fast food wasView full post »

Are We Raising a Lazy Generation of Children?

A few nights ago, we were too exhausted to cook dinner and not in the mood to go someplace nice to eat. So, off to ZaxbyView full post »

It’s Okay to Let Go (A Little)

Yesterday, I had one wisdom tooth taken out. That one itty bitty little bugger that had grown in years after I “View full post »