2015 Vision Board

It’s that time of the year again.

It’s resolution time.

For me, that means making a vision board. This has an annual tradition for me since 2012, when I landed a speaking opportunity at BlogHer Food, just under 3 weeks after I made my first vision board. Plus, being a visual person, I love being able to look back at my vision board throughout the year to check on my progress and to find some inspiration.

Here’s a look back at 2014‘s vision board:

2014 vision boardLeft to Right, Top to Bottom:

1. Begin working on getting my rescue diver SCUBA certification – This one will have to be revisited in a couple years.
2. Launch a children’s product business – done, website launched
3. Eat a healthier, more plant-based diet – not as much as I would’ve liked
4. Continue growing as a mom to a toddler – and still learning everyday
5. Inspiring quote, don’t ya think?
6. Learn to sew properly on a machine
7. Start playing tennis again – done, joined a community ALTA team
8. Run bitch – done, earned a 5K PR
9. Plan and grow a large backyard garden – done

Now, on to 2015:

My friend, Robyn, challenged her blog readers to choose one word to focus on for their New Year’s resolution, and to apply to how they approach the upcoming year. I just loved this idea, so the word that I’m choosing for 2015 is: passion.

When I was younger (think: 5 years ago), I used to do so many things with passion. I knew the things I was passionate about and I pursued goals with passion. So, what happened?

The burden of building a business in areas that I was not passionate about has jaded me. It’s not convenient for me to take dance classes anymore with the responsibility of being a mother to a toddler. Morning sickness, fatigue and nausea have deterred me from exploring new restaurants and being inventive with new recipes.

The more I thought about these reasons, or should they be called excuses, the more I’ve realized that I need to find the passion in my life again. That it’s entirely possible to be passionate about what I do. I just need to set my mind to it.

So, here is this year’s vision board, put together with images from my updated Pinterest board.

2015 Vision Board
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
1. Create and preserve more memories.
2. Eat healthier, and more of a plant-based diet.
3. Grow our family.
4. Improve upon my sewing skills, learn to quilt.
5. Passion. My word for the year.
6. Publish a book.
7. Continue playing tennis, perhaps start teaching Mini-me to play this spring.
8. Run bitch.
9. Beautify the yard around our house, gardening both flowers and vegetables.

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