5 Essential Digital Marketing Tips to Jump Start Your Year

Is your marketing driving you crazy? If your answer is yes… you’re not alone. I’ve compiled a short list of 5 essential digital marketing tips to kick your 2018 off on the right track.

This is the first post in a series that will go into detail for each tip. Make sure to come back this month and read up on these tips.

Digital has invaded our world like no other marketing channel has before. It is everywhere. It is in our pockets and next to us when we sleep. People communicate with their friends and family who live across the world with ease, like never before, and now they expect the same from businesses.

For small businesses, the to do list is never ending. There is always something to be optimized, another blog post that could be written, another social media platform to grow… and the list goes on.

In today’s fast paced, ever changing digital world – we are constantly wondering where our customers’ eyes have gone. Where are they focusing their attention? Where should we be focusing our attention?

Where do you even start?

In the midst of all the technological advances… the goal is still pretty simple: To deliver the best customer experience.

Focus on your customer, what will make the most impact on them, then we move on to prioritization.

5 essential digital marketing tips

5 Essential Digital Marketing Tips

1. Find your target audience and create buyer personas. Find out what they’re talking about on their websites and social media platforms. Create personas and craft your marketing messages for them.

2. Start at home. In the digital world, your “home” is your website. This is your digital storefront, where you welcome all of your customers. Even with all of the social media and streaming platforms that are available now, why would you want to rely on someone else’s site to run your business.

3. Create content. We all know that content is king. Good, consistent content helps to build your brand presence, your website’s SEO value and give your content to share on social channels.

4. Get social. Look at your buyer personas and see where they are spending their time on social. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn tend to be the big ones. Then depending on your audience, Pinterest, YouTube could be of interest.

5. Email is not dead. When a visitor signs up to be on your email list, they are giving you access to their precious inbox. They are giving you permission to contact them, so take advantage of this. Give these people access to exclusive content, validate for them that their decision to give you their email address was a good one.

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