5 Superhero Branding Strategies

Wonder Woman (the movie) comes out this Friday, and to say that I (and countless other women) are excited, would be an understatement. To celebrate, this week’s posts will be superhero themed.

Superheroes have very strong branding. Each one of them. Each hero has their own distinct brand, culture and following. Superheroes are super at branding! Let’s see what lessons they can teach us mortals.

1. Background Story
Every superhero has a background story, which adds to their appeal and ability to draw people in. Every brand has a story that is unique to only themselves. Our jobs as marketers is to harness that story and tell it in a way that will resonate with our audience.

2. Logo and Supporting Brand Elements
Superman has one of the most iconic superhero logos of all time. The “S” on his shield stands for “hope” in Kryptonian. The best logos mean something, there is a story behind them and they evoke an emotion that is directly related to the brand they represent.

3. Their “Why”
Accept that your “why” and brand won’t resonate with everyone. And that’s okay. Superheros know what they stand for and what they are willing to fight for. Their why doesn’t resonate with everyone, and your brand doesn’t need to either. Your brand has a unique and distinct story to tell, so tell that story well and your audience will listen.

4. Consistency
One of the keys to successful branding is consistency. Audiences and customers should be able to recognize your brand and your products before they even see your logo or your name. You can guess the the brand in the first few seconds of some commercials, just like you can guess the superhero movie just by the first few seconds of the trailer. Now that’s consistency!

5. Always Evolving
The best brands evolve, create new products and move into new marketplaces. Apple makes computers, music listening devices, phones and watches – yet it all makes sense to the Apple brand. That’s not something a company like Dell could do. Batman can be found in comic books, tv shows, movies and amusement parks.

If your brand follows these 5 strategies, then moving, evolving and growing becomes a natural thing. What else is more super than that?

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