5 Tips For Creating Content That Will Convert

We all want to make more money. Luckily for us, the goal of content marketing is to make money. It can be disguised it as brand building, SEO and lead generation, but the end goal is conversion.

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Content can point directly towards a conversion (ie. “Buy Now” “Sign up for our Newsletter”) or it can plant the seeds of conversion (ie. benefits of using your product or service). Generally, it’s a good ideas to do a bit of both so that the customer doesn’t feel that you are trying to “sell” them on something.

Content marketing for conversions

5 Tips For Creating Content That Will Convert

1. Focus Your Content On Your Audience’s Needs
Once you have determined who your target audience is:
– Tailor your content to them
– Show how you can solve a problem that they have.
And most importantly, add value.

2. Benefits, Not Features
Don’t confuse benefits with features. Don’t tell your audience “WHAT” you have to offer, tell them “WHY” they should care. How is your product or service going to make your customer’s life better? Use emotional words. Create emotional experiences with your product, service and brand.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency
Use words like now, today, immediately, limited time only and essential. Put that infomercial thinking cap on. Don’t overdo it, but putting a bit of fire behind your content can persuade someone to take action rather than put it on the back burner.

4. Put the Pressure On
We teach our kids to not give into peer pressure, because it’s undeniable how effective it is. So put on a little peer pressure when creating content about your product benefits: showcase customer reviews, social media feedback and testimonials.

5. Tell Them What to Do
Give your website visitors a clear call to action, one that is actionable. They need to know what to do and what will happen when they click that “Buy Now” “Get a Quote” or “Signup” button.

Next Steps

Practice, practice and keep practicing. Take these 5 tips and use them when writing or creating your next content piece. Make sure to add internal links to relevant content to keep visitors (and search engine bots) moving within your site.

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