A Glimpse of my Childhood Hometown

These few shots have been a long time coming.

I’ve had the idea in the back of my mind for a while now, to photograph the buildings in my hometown of Radford, Virginia, but I always seemed to forget or the cold weather would keep the Southern belle in me snuggled up inside next to the fireplace.

Luckily this year, the weather in Radford was perfect for walking around and taking some photos.

As small as this little city is there are some charming buildings along Main Street, so that’s where Paul and I headed with camera in hand. It’s amazing looking at my hometown from a different perspective now that we live in Atlanta and only manage to visit Virginia once a year at Christmas time.

The little brick building below used to be a piano/music school, where I took my first piano classes.

Incredibly cool clock in downtown Radford, in front of one of a few building murals. I just absolutely love the murals of old advertisements on the sides of the buildings. Just adds that extra something to a small town.

Photos of Radford would not be complete without a few shots at an old train depot.

The city of Radford got its start as a railroad town back in the 1850s, when the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad came through, and it became a railroad town – due to the large number of trade and business that came to the area because of the train depot.

The passenger train stopped running through the city back in 1971, but there are still many freight trains that make their way through.

There’s your quick glimpse at my childhood hometown of Radford, VA. Maybe next time I come visit I will try and make my way to some places where I spent most of my time: the high school, a few restaurants and the tennis courts.

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