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I help entrepreneurs and small businesses stand out and get found online

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What I want for you

You want to start a business or grow one. Maybe you are wondering how to supercharge marketing and sales for a business that is doing okay, but you know it could be something amazing.

I want you to know that you can do it.


You don’t have to do it all at once, or all by yourself.

Now. Let’s kick some butt together!

Hi! I’m Melissa Crane.

I’m Melissa: a digital marketer, yogi, and coffee addict.

Telling stories, connecting people, taking big ideas and making them happen online is what I do.

I also love martial arts and scuba diving. I’m also slightly obsessed with sea otters. Oh, and sea turtles.

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How I Got Here

With a degree in industrial design I launched myself into a job as a flash designer (RIP Adobe Flash) at a design agency.

I then started a freelance consulting design business and ended up working with all sorts of clients, from new ones in start-up phase, to huge ones (like Pizza Hut and PepsiCo).

After a few (seven) years, I decided to push my boundaries again and get a corporate job. To learn from a mentor to accelerate the learning process… and get paid at the same time. I worked at a gaming company. I did some time as the head of consumer & online marketing for a shoe brand, where I learned more than anyone should ever know about feet and flip flops.

Now I spend my days leading the digital marketing team at a travel & hospitality marketing agency, and my evenings training at the best dojo around. 

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