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I help entrepreneurs and small businesses stand out and get found online

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If you are a passionate + adventurous entrepreneur, small business owner or want to be one, you are in the right place! Let’s take control of online marketing and grow your business.

Whether you are just launching your website, need to improve e-commerce for more conversions or boost traffic to help people find your business, I'm here to help you make it happen.

Hi! I’m Melissa Crane.

Nice to meet you! I'm a digital marketing + branding expert, entrepreneur and coffee addict. I specialize in online marketing solutions and branding strategies for the food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.

I've worked with small business to grown their brands into globally known companies. And in the corporate world, I've done everything from graphic design to product photography to digital marketing strategy.

When I'm not growing businesses online, I'm usually adventuring outdoors including hiking and scuba diving. And on occasion, travel to speak at national and local conferences.

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