Marketing is all about telling a story to convince someone to choose your idea over something else. It’s the art of taking something complicated and crafting it into something relatable. I love a good story and all the ways to convey it, whether in the form of copy on a website, a photograph or over a campfire on the beach.

Part of our jobs as mothers is to take bits and parts of this complicated thing called life, and teach our children how to understand, navigate, and eventually, conquer this life.

On this site, you’ll find stories of digital marketing, branding and balancing life at work with being a working mom. Join me on this journey as we teach and train our little heroes.

About Melissa

I specialize in digital media strategies for the food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. In a past life, I owned a creative design agency and worked with a variety of organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, including Yum International and PepsiCo.

Now in my precious spare time, I enjoy adventuring outdoors including hiking and scuba diving. And on occasion, I travel to speak at national and local marketing and blogging conferences.

10 Random Things About Me

1. I grew up in Southwest Virginia.

2. I went to college at Georgia Tech. Go Jackets!

3. I have an advanced scuba diving certification

4. I got a brown belt in kung fu, before I got bored and quit.

5. I do lots of kickboxing now.

6. My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman

7. I'm pretty great at growing vegetables, I'm terrible at growing flowers.

8. My favorite color is Caribbean Sea turquoise blue.

9. I am obsessed with otters, sea turtle and manta rays.

10. I currently live in the suburbs of Atlanta, and I'm pretty happy about it, most days.