B2B or B2C – Which Type of Marketing is for You?

B2B and B2C Marketing differences

When I recently found myself job hunting, I was faced with a decision to make: What type of company did I want to work for? B2B or B2C? B2B and B2C marketing are very different strategies for different types of companies, that cater to different marketing strengths and styles.

What’s the difference and which one is best suited for you?

The Basics First:
B2B = Business to Business. This type of business sells products or services to other businesses

B2C = Business to Consumer. This type of business sells products or services directly to consumers.

When you work in an internal marketing department at a company, you will generally work in either B2B or B2C marketing. When you work for yourself as a freelancer or consultant, you are effectively working as BOTH a B2B and B2C marketer. Even if you specialize in businesses that sell direct to consumer, you are marketing YOURSELF to other businesses.

Differences Between B2B and B2C Marketing

Customer Volume:
With B2C you are driving volume and traffic, because generally each of these individual sales are low in amount. B2B can have lower number of sales, because their products cost more, so a few sales per quarter can be enough for these companies to make their numbers.

Logic vs Emotion:
With B2B sales, you are appealing to the logic and emphasizing the ROI of purchasing your products. In B2C you are making an emotional connection with your end consumer, convincing them that they want your product.

Sales Cycle Time:
There is a more set process with B2B with a longer sales cycle, call to actions on these sites tend to be “Request a quote” or “Request a consultation.” B2C is much more impulsive, you need your customer to take action ASAP. So these call to actions are much more action based “Buy Now” “Shop Now”

Buyer Personas:
When defining target audience and buyer personas for each, B2C companies look at who their customers are in their personal life (age, gender, location, interests, personality). Whereas B2B businesses look at who their customers are in their professional life (industry, job title)

B2B may be for you if…
You love building long term relationships
You love to learn about industries
You love to dig into long term projects

I am B2C through and through. And this is why I love it.
I love being creative
I love thinking on my feet
I love emotion(al connections)
I love social (media)

While the end goal is the same for both B2B and B2C companies (sales & revenue), the how you get there is quite different and requires different approaches.

There is more competition in B2C, as opposed to B2B. Especially if you are a freelancer or consultant. But, I’m a firm believer that if you are passionate about your work and great at what you do, you will find your way.

Which type of marketer are you? Do you gravitate more towards B2B or B2C marketing?

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