Balancing Work and Life During the Holidays as a Marketer

We are staring down the throat of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is the time when marketers basically lose their minds, stress out, and work all hours of the day and night to get ready for the upcoming (holiday) sales season.

marketers work life balance during holidays

When I worked at an electronics (gaming) company, it wasn’t uncommon to get there at 8am and still be at the office after midnight on the weeks leading up to Black Friday.

The key?

Plan. Plan. Plan AHEAD.

Get aligned with the executive team on goals, campaigns, and promotions in September. Have details ironed out in October, and then you have the whole month of November to generate content and marketing materials.

And the best part? You leave the office by 5pm. Every. Single. Day.

5 Tips for Getting Ahead with Your Holiday Marketing Plans

1. Start early. Don’t let November sneak up on you, start planning for your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday campaigns in August or September. Missed it this year? Put it on your calendar for next year, do it now.

2. Set aside time to plan. Marketing is a non-stop thing, it can be all consuming if we let it. Make sure to schedule time to sit and plan out holiday campaigns. What are your sales and offerings going to be? What social media campaigns are you going to run to get potential customers engaged with your brand?

3. Make decisions. It’s easy to be indecisive when planning ahead and guessing what promotions and products will bring the most revenue in for your business. But it’s important to make those decisions so that marketing materials, photos, and website updates can be worked on.

4. Leave wiggle room for adjustments. Have a plan for changes if items sell out, the website goes down, or a social media emergency comes up.

5. Keep testing and analyze results. During the holiday season, keep an eye on your metrics. What are customers buying? Where are people dropping off the website? What are they saying on Facebook and Instagram? Take that feedback into consideration and make adjustments as you work your way through December.

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