Choosing the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Having a strong and active social media presence is vital to the growth of your business in this digital age. But with so many platforms, the main ones being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, how do you know which ones to be on and how do you keep up with it all?

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The short answer is you don’t. You don’t start out on all social media platforms at once, it’s impossible to keep up with without an internal or external team and not all social platforms are going to give a good ROI on your time invested.

Which Social Platforms are Best for my Business

How do you know what social media platforms are best for your business?

Four questions you should ask first:

1. Where is your target audience? Don’t make things harder for yourself. Go meet your potential customers where they are already spending their time. Are you targeting mid-20s animal lovers? Head over to Instagram. Are you targeting stay at home moms who love to craft? Pinterest is your winner. Are you connecting with advertising agencies? Take a crack at Twitter.

2. What is your content? Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual and people come to these channels primarily for the beautiful imagery. Facebook is a great place to share imagery, as well as longer form content, such as blog posts. Twitter is best suited for high volume, shorter length content that is great for sharing.

3. What industry are you in? If your business lends itself well to striking imagery (fashion, food, crafting, decor, travel), then Pinterest and Instagram are a slam dunk. If your business produces more written content, then consider Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

4. What are your competitors using? This is the surefire way to figure out what social platforms will be best for your business. Take a look at not only what platforms your competitors are using, but how active are they and how many followers do they have on each?

Next Steps

If you are just getting started, choose 2 social media channels to focus your time and energy on. Set them up, make sure they are branded and start posting content and engaging with your followers!

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