Brand Case Study: tentree

Something I love to do is talk about organizations who are killing it in the digital space right now. To kick things off, I’m starting with a company who runs one of my favorite Instagram accounts. The social content that they post is engaging and consistently builds upon their brand mission.

tentree brand case study

Who is tentree?

Tentree started as a way for the founders to be able to plant more trees. Their mission is to “protect the world you play in.” Selling clothes was the method to do so. For every item sold, tentree plants ten trees.

As of this post they are up to an amazing 18.4 million trees!

Tentree’s social content:

Or, how they hooked me in.

Tentree’s mission is woven into everything that they do. Their “why” is clear to the audience and is reinforced with all of their social activity.

The content they provide on their social channels speaks directly to their target audience.
Instagram is filled with amazing images from all over the world. Facebook is filled with articles about environmental conservation.

tentree instagram social content

What you notice is that most of their social content is about building a lifestyle and showing how they are part of their target audience’s tribe. What they’ve figured out is once you are part of that tribe, it’s so much easier to get people to purchase and to feel good about it at the same time.

What they did right:

As of this post, these were tentree’s social media stats:
Instagram: 2.3 million followers
Facebook: 423.8K followers
Twitter: 25.8K followers

Their biggest social channel is Instagram by far, and they make it insanely easy to purchase directly from the app.

Purchase experience:

I have been following tentree for at least 3 years, if not more (my mind fails me here). I already knew that I wanted to buy something, I was simply waiting for the right product.

On the week of Thanksgiving, I saw it. I thought about the purchase for less than a day, went back and bought it on my phone.

tentree tree token case study

When my shirt arrived, after gushing over the quality and beauty of the fabric, I noticed the tree token that was attached to the tag. So I immediately jumped on tentree’s website and registered to select my impact of my ten trees.

If you’re wondering, yes the shirt is one of my favorites and yes I’m planning on buying again.

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