Celebrating Success

Celebrating success: We set goals and work hard to reach them, but do we remember to celebrate once those goals are achieved?

Science shows that celebrating success changes your physiology by releasing endorphins inside your body and you just feel amazing afterwards. When you don’t take the opportunity to celebrate, you rob yourself of that positive reinforcement of accomplishing your goals. So when you do celebrate your wins, you get that awesome reinforcement of hard work paying off.

Recently I took my first belt test in Yondo Jiu Jitsu and tested to yellow belt. And… (celebratory music plays here), I just started a new full time job leading the digital marketing dept for a PR agency.

Melissa Crane karate yellow belt promotion

I think these two things most definitely call for celebration. My personal favorite way to celebrate is to take a day for myself and go on a hike with my dogs.

Some celebratory ideas for when you reach your next success:

For Kids:

  • Take a picture
  • Thank those who helped you succeed
  • Go out for a treat
  • Celebratory meal with family

For Big Kids (Adults)

  • Take a picture and share on social (the congratulations that starts rolling in within seconds is part of the beauty of our digital age)
  • Enjoy a celebratory meal with friends and family
  • Buy some flowers for yourself
  • Take a day off work and go to the movies
  • Get a massage
  • Hike to the top of a mountain (a literal representation of reaching your goal)

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate success?

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