Is Cyber Monday Dead?

For marketers, the holiday season is when we gear up and see if the fruits of our labor for the past few months have paid off. Paying off with the biggest shopping days (and season) of the year.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday immediately come to mind.

cyber monday is dead

But, here are a few reasons these days are not as significant as they were a few years ago:

Why Cyber Monday and Black Friday are less significant now

1. Mobile Growth. According to Salesforce, mobile accounted for 60% of holiday traffic this year, up from the 52% last year. In fact, online sales jumped up by so much this year, that delivery providers (FedEx, UPS, etc.) experienced a delay in shipments due to overwhelming demand.

This could be for a number of reasons, the biggest being: convenience. It is more difficult to find things in store because of the clutter. Plus, the instant gratification mindset of our digital generation. Shoppers would rather go online and search than dig through the piles at the store.

2. Shopping on Their Own Terms. Everyone can shop at home now on their personal computers or phones. Cyber Monday isn’t as significant as when it started in 2005 when people didn’t have personal computers at home, and made online purchases when they went back to work on Monday.

Cyber Monday at work is usually filled with … work. Not time spent searching for deals online.

3. Discounts Throughout the Season. Consumers are now used to the discounts and sales that business offer through November and December, and now are shopping when is convenient for them. And it may well be while sitting on the couch, watching their favorite football team or in between cooking epic meals to feed visiting friends and family.

RIP Cyber Monday – hello Cyber Week

And while we’re at it…

RIP Black Friday – hello Black November

What we can look forward to in 2018, the continued growth of mobile and e-commerce. For most marketers that means a mobile-first digital strategy. And for small business owners, a look at your online presence and e-commerce options on your website.

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