Wreck Diving

Whew! Second day of diving is complete. Continuing on with our Advanced Open Water certification dives, this morning we did our Wreck Dive and our Underwater Navigation Dive.

First up was a dive at Reggae Queen to see three wrecks, a ship (the Reggae Queen) and two airplanes. All were intentionally sunk for recreational diving purposes. Nevertheless, it was still very cool to dive these wrecks, and swim through one of the planes (the one behind me in the photo).

After a long rest on shore, due to some boat engine issues, we were back in the water. This time doing our Underwater Navigation dive at site: Lunchtime. Since we knew we were going to be doing some exercises (ie. counting kick cycles, arm spans and navigating with a compass), our camera was almost left on board the boat.

I am so glad we brought it, because we would have missed this picture:

Loggerhead sea turtle! Andddd… I’m done. As long as I get to see a sea turtle, I count this dive trip a success.

Time to rest up, two more dives early tomorrow morning!

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