The Human Connection in Marketing

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After attending the Digital Summit Atlanta conference last month, I noticed a common theme that carried throughout the conference. It was this theme of making the human connection and creating brand empathy in marketing. This was a stark contrast to the theme of AI marketing running rampant last year. And even though the future of marketing may eventually become a combination of both humanity and AI, I do love the human aspect of content marketing so much more.

People dislike advertising, but they LOVE brands.

A brand encompasses the entire experience someone has with a company, but what I’m going to focus on is the content aspect of this: People hate being told what to do, but they love a good story. The objective of both advertising and brand storytelling (good content marketing) the the same, which is to sell. The difference is that people are sensitive to being sold to, and you need to treat the client as your audience.

How to Tell Stories about your Brand:

1: Be Authentic and Relatable
– Ask yourself will this message that I’m putting out there resonate with my friends and family? Using this as a first pass BS filter will help.
– Make people feel something by telling a story to get them invested in your message.

2: Think Outside the Ad
– Go beyond 0:30
– Go behind the scenes, and tell your brand story on your company’s social channels.
– Make people connect with your brand, product or services.

morgan spurlock digital summit atlanta

Morgan Spurlock, of SuperSize Me fame, speaking at Digital Summit Atlanta.

In summary, to create great content and help your audience make a human connection with your brand:

Provide Value
Human Truth
Entertain them

Do these three things and you will have great content marketing on your hands!

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