Dogs are the Best Co-Workers, Ever

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my co-workers:

Roxie, the office manager. She’s the older of our two dogs and also the more “responsible” one. She brings a sort of calmness to the workday. Well, aside from moments when she gets ridiculously excited and sprints laps around the photo studio and dining room.

Aubie, my executive assistant. He’s most definitely a Mama’s Boy. A bit more stubborn than his older sister, Roxie. He follows me around, well, like a puppy.

There have been numerous studies on office workers being less stressed when allowed to bring their dogs to work. And I don’t doubt that they are completely true. Running a small business is no easy task (and in my case: a small business, a fledgling blog & writing gigs and the launch of a new business), and I don’t think I could’ve stayed sane for this long without my two furry co-workers.

5 Reasons Dogs are the Best Co-Workers for a Small Business Owner:

1. Cuddle breaks

2. Kisses anytime, all the time

3. Comedic relief

4. Constant “happy face” and “wagging tail”

5. Nap breaks

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