Getting Started in SEO for Small Businesses

Whether you own a restaurant, a bakery or a boutique shop that sells high end pet supplies, implementing the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can help make the difference between a flourishing, successful small business and a one that is just getting by.

Getting started in SEO when you are a small business can be daunting, however it should be an essential part of marketing plan to grow your business in our world that is growing increasingly digital.

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Actionable Items to Improve SEO for your small business

1. Google My Business – After creating your listing, optimize and properly categorize your page. Add photos, business hours, services offered and ask happy customers to leave online reviews.

2. Optimize Your Website – Access your site’s architecture for SEO crawling. Optimize user experience for both desktop and mobile devices, taking design, load speed and content into account.

3. Keywords – Start by researching and determining which keywords and phrases to target for your business. Then build these keywords into your website content and meta tags.

Keyword targeting and on-page optimization – improving the quality and value of content targeting specific keyphrases, including optimizing the user experience, design, load speed, keyword use, meta data (titles + descriptions), etc.

4. Blog Regularly – Speak to your customers, what information are they looking for that will both help them and is related to the products or services that you offer. Use relevant keywords, add optimized photos & videos and add internal links to other relevant pages on your website.

5. Social Media Marketing – Grow your business’ influence in social niche communities, to improve social engagement and create a wider net for building links, website traffic and positive brand awareness.

Bonus: AdWords – once you have gotten SEO optimization under your belt, then it’s time to take a look into paid advertising, including Google search and display ads.

What are some SEO strategies that have worked for your business?

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