4 Steps to Get More Things Done

As working moms, things never seem to slow down. It’s always one thing after the other. Sometimes we put off doing something because we are just.. so .. tired. Sometimes we feel like we are spinning our wheels because it’s one thing after the other, so we are just trying to keep up.

That’s when we need to realize that we need to take a step back, take a deep breath and evaluate our situation.

get shit done at work and home

This applies to both our work and home lives. How we prioritize projects and tasks at work, also applies to setting priorities at home.

When you start to feel overwhelmed and feel that you are spinning, this is when you need to hit pause and create a plan. What needs to get done? What is going to make the most difference? What am I going to do and what will I let go? What are my goals and what will more quickly and effectively help me reach them?

At work: What projects are going to make the most impact? Which ones are going to rely on other people to complete? Those should be completed first.

At home: Do I move unused items up into the attic before cleaning, so that there is a more drastic change with greater impact.

I love lists. I make my daily task list every day as part of my morning routine. This helps me organize my thoughts and ensure that I’m constantly working towards my goals.

I also have a yearly, 5 year and 10 year plan. I have found that having specific goals with deadlines helps with my planning and prioritizing.

Distractions can come in many forms. Most commonly these include keeping your email inbox open, checking social media, coworkers and your children. The first two can be more easily remedied, the second two will take a bit more planning and boundary setting. Perhaps it could be setting hours or time slots when you are working, and are not to be disturbed, it could be moving yourself to a different location to get things done (Starbucks, anyone?)

When you still have a lot of energy, before the afternoon slump hits. Get the things that you don’t want to do, done.

This can be applied to a variety of things:
– Work tasks: get that difficult email out, write the block of copy that you’ve been stuck on
– Home tasks: deep clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms, toss out things that you don’t need anymore
– Working out: do that 3 mile run that you’re dreading, do your weaker side first (left vs. right)

These steps are a great place to start to get things checked off that list, but as always there needs to be a bit of just biting the bullet and getting shit done.

So here’s to getting shit done!

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