Inside the Mind of a Work From Home Mom

Today is a major milestone.

I’m finally getting to experience what many moms feel at the beginning of each school year: freedom!

Okay, maybe not exactly “freedom,” but I am getting a little bit of time to myself. Mini-me is off to pre-preschool also known as “Mother’s Morning Out” and I’m getting to do something that I haven’t been able to do in almost two years:

working at Bagel Boys

Yes, working at a coffee shop this morning with my friend, Robyn, something that I took for granted during my pre-baby days. Now, it’s an absolute treat!

Being a work-from-home mom has been quite the challenge these past two years. It’s a delicate balance between building a business and raising a child. It’s funny… some of the thoughts that have crossed my mind while attempting this almost impossible balance between two parts of my life:

– “Deadlines become an entirely new beast when a toddler is involved.”

– “You magically work so much faster under the threat of the end of naptime closing in.”

– “Where can I find someone who will deliver espresso?”

– “I’m bored.” (Just kidding. Never this one).

– “Why am I so tired? And why does everyone in the house get to take a nap except for me?” (Always this one.)

Now, to wrap up this blog post so that I can get some work done while I still have some time to spare. Happy Kids-are-finally-going-back-to-school to all you fellow moms out there!

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