Kickboxing for the Working Mom

We all know the importance to finding an outlet to decompress and release stress. It is especially important for working moms to do this. As hard as it may be to find the time to in between kids, work and keeping your head above water, you need to take time for yourself.

Many working women do yoga to relax and decompress from the stresses of working. Running is also another great option.

However, I have severe monkey brain and can never manage to just “be” and clear my mind during yoga or running. If my mind gets the opportunity to wander, it will automatically start thinking about work and kids and what I still need to get done.

So, I do kickboxing instead.

This is a workout that forces me to be in the moment and not let my mind wonder. If I’m not paying attention to combos or focusing on the bag I’m hitting, I risk getting hit in the face by the bag, making a complete fool out of myself or even getting hurt.

This is Mindy, she’s my kickboxing instructor who got me through years of stress from my previous full time jobMindy and Melissa moms who kickbox

Plus, it’s fun to awaken the warrior side of me before heading into work. It’s my own personal pep talk for the day.

Unleash your inner beastie ladies.

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