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Having lived in the suburbs for almost a decade, I can’t believe it’s taken us to find out that Home Depot offers free kids workshops every first Saturday of the month. These are a perfect Saturday morning outing that the kids can do with Mom, Dad, grandparents, favorite uncle or a group of friends.

home depot kids workshops learning life skills

The workshop starts at 9am and lasts a couple hours, or until supplies run out. I would recommend getting there early because it will get busy pretty quickly. When you arrive, you get registered if you didn’t sign up online beforehand. Then you get a kid sized orange apron and supply kit, then find a spot at the tables to get down to work.

home depot kids workshops morning out with familyThe workshop is meant for kids aged from 5 to 12, but my 4 year old had a great time. I also noticed a few other kids that were a tad younger as well. But as long as a parent is helping with the project, it was still great fun for all - I think the parents actually enjoy making the craft more than the little ones did... I know I did.

What I really love about these workshops is that it's a fun way to introduce kids to building and crafting skills that are essential to learn as you grow up. For example, this week we used a hammer, a screwdriver and learned to knot string.

I know we will be regulars now at the monthly kid workshops! It’s a really great opportunity to get the family out of the house early on Saturdays and for the kids to learn some building skills. Before long, I’ll be able to put them to work helping around the house.

Summer Bucket List:

This was number 21 on our Summer Bucket List, how is your summer list going? We are slowly, but surely making our way through!

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