5 Lessons Martial Arts Has Taught Me About Business (and Life)

When someone mentions martial arts, usually images of ninjas dressed in black, flashy kicks, or Mortal Kombat come to mind. But in reality, studying martial arts is as much training your mind and attitude as it is training your body.

At its core, martial arts is about training for life. The discipline, resilience, and humility that you develop during martial arts training are skills that you can apply to all aspects of life.

To me, that is the best part of martial arts training.

1. You don’t make progress staying in your comfort zone

There’s a reason it’s called a comfort zone. It’s because it’s comfortable, safe, and familiar. But since when has comfort meant growth and learning?

The only way to truly progress is to push boundaries and get out of that comfort zone, and you’ll find out that usually the hardest part is getting started. And you may discover that once your mind gets accustomed to going out of that comfort zone and “being afraid,” it will get easier to continue to do things that you may find scary and uncomfortable.

Whether it is starting a new business, finally leaving that job that you don’t like, or moving to a new city, you won’t reach your goals and dreams if you are living in your comfort zone.

2. Mindset makes all the difference

This is my favorite recent lesson that Shihan at our dojo taught us: it’s all about mindset.
When you tell yourself that “I could…” what is the possibility that you’ll do it?

How about “I will..” Possibility goes up.

How about “I got this.” There you go.

The attitude and mindset that you have when going into something changes the confidence you and others have in you to accomplish a task.

(photo of me and Bryan with microphones on)

3. Find a mentor

Every martial arts instructor has a different way of teaching. Certain people gravitate and learn best from certain styles. That’s why you should take your time when selecting a martial arts school to train at.

Whether it’s martial arts, business or life, you need to find mentors who you can learn from and will push you to grow.

Look for someone who has been through what you are going through, and can advise you. Someone who will push you to grow. And most importantly, someone that you connect with.

4. You’re never too old to get started

Yes my kids are getting started in martial arts training as soon as they show interest and can focus on learning for an extended period of time.
I didn’t have that advantage, I first discovered my love for martial arts at 25. Lost my way for a bit, and picked it up again after years of fitness kickboxing at the age of 35.

But, now is better than never, and I get to go through this training journey with my kids, what a gift!

5. There is no such thing as mastery.

There is always more to learn, and once you have mastered something, you realize that it’s just the beginning of something else.

When you earn your black belt, you realize that your “real” training has only just begun.

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