Disney’s Magical Brand Promise

We just returned from a magical 10 days at a the happiest place on Earth.

Just from that, I’ll bet you know exactly where we went on our vacation.

That’s the power of a strong brand promise that always delivers. Creating experiences that are so special, that an emotional connection is built: forming the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Magic Kingdom Castle Disney World brand promise
Magic Kingdom Castle Disney World familyWhile we were at Disney World, we braved the crowds to make sure we caught the nightly firework show at Magic Kingdom. Watching the fireworks at Disney is a must do for most people who visit. And it’s clear why. Disney’s brand promises magic. And the nightly fireworks show “Happily Ever After,” is completely magical.

A combination of lasers, songs, storytelling and pryo that makes you feel something. Including those chills when “Go the Distance” starts playing. But it was the outro that rocked me to my core:

“And so our journey comes to an end, but yours continues on. Grab hold of your dreams, and make them come true. For you are the key to unlocking your own magic. Now go, let your dream guide you. Reach out and find your happily ever after. “

This resonates with both us (the customers) and rings true for the Disney brand. Disney is the master storyteller, they pull you into their world, while also becoming part of yours.

How we can apply Disney’s brand strategies to our own brands:

  1. Emotional Connection: When people interact with your brand, they need to form an emotional connection. This emotional connection can be nostalgia, happiness, sadness, anger, pride. If used properly, emotion is a powerful tool in marketing
  2. Consistency: Once you have determined your brand promise, ensure that your message is consistent at all touch points that your customers may interact with.
  3.  Find Your Niche: No business can be truly successful by trying to be everything for everybody. Find your niche and your target audience. Once your own that space, the market will naturally grow.
  4. Differentiate Yourself: Your brand promise must truly set you apart from your competitors, and be real, credible differentiating qualities.
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