How to Market to Millennials… it’s not with Superbowl Ads

Superbowl ads aren’t what they used to be. Advertisers still put a ton of money into these ad slots ($5 million), but as consumer behavior changes, so do their perceptions of these ads.

Millennials are the big market now. Just look at who played the halftime show, Justin Timberlake. If there wasn’t a more perfect headliner for our generation. And with buying power of an estimated $200 billion from 2017, this generation is one that advertisers not take lightly.

How to Market to Millennials not Superbowl Ads football

Last night, most advertisers played it safe with humor instead of making a statement, and because of this most of the ads were entertaining… but forgettable. When the NFL creates one of the more memorable ads of the night, you know something’s up.

What happened?

Digital overload is part of it. We are so used to seeing viral videos and constant online ads that Super Bowl ads really need to be something special for them to stand out. Oh, and they are released (leaked) ahead of time too.

For Millennials, Superbowl ads simply don’t resonate (anymore). The products that they promote aren’t items we are interested in. Millennials are into the non-mainstream, organic, environmentally conscious products. Those products are not ones that are typically associated with football.

Truthfully, we watch the Super (brand) bowl hoping that a brand will produce a terrible commercial so that we can be the first to tweet about the big #fail.

Traditional marketing is dying and Millennials are mostly responsible. Now the challenge is how to create marketing strategies to effectively reach this market.

Also, let you in on a little secret: We hate being marketed to. We. Hate. It.

Millennials want companies that are genuine, whose mission we believe in, a product that we want to support. We want to engage in conversations with these businesses. We don’t want to be sold to.

How you can effectively market to Millennials:

1. Create branded content that creates conversations around your product.
2. Focus on the benefits of your product, instead of the features.
3. Develop interactive, emotional experiences that consumers can have with your brand

Did you enjoy the Superbowl ads this year? Do you think they are effective?

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