Marketing Your Brand

Last weekend was spent in Birmingham at FoodBlogSouth, meeting and learning from some incredible people.

Old-Car-Heaven-Birmingham-Alabama-cars>Here are a few tips that I picked up during the “Marketing Your Brand” session with Lisa Ekus, Hélène Dujardin and Hanson Watkins.

Brand = Value + Perception

A brand is….
– a name, a term and a symbol.
– what defines one seller’s goods and services from another.
– the personality and perception of the service.
– easy to remember
– something that transcends trends
– what builds customer loyalty
– your unique selling point
– a promise.

– A tagline is as much for you and your business as it is for your customers. A great tagline will help you stay focused.

These are some great things to keep in mind both while developing your brand and while you are building & running your business.

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