Maximizing Family Time

It’s so important for me to maximize family time on the weekends.

Working in digital marketing, the work never really ends. Whether I’m working for myself, or for a company, there’s always more that you could do: another keyword to bid on, another landing page to optimize, another ad that could be run… with the almost immediate feedback that we enjoy from web analytics, it’s hard to unplug.

But, unplug we must.

The best way for me to truly unplug is to head outdoors. Luckily for me, my girls love being outside too. To me, truly maximizing family time is for everyone to unplug – that means no TV or iPads for the kids (our iPad has been “broken” for almost 3 years now… it ran out of batteries), and laptops closed for the adults. We cheat and take our phones so that we can take photos.

Our favorite unplugged maximizing family time activities:

Visiting the pasture. Exposing them to things that they don’t usually encounter, while teaching love, care, and respect for all is truly amazing. We are lucky that I have a close friend who owns two horses, but…

Maximizing family time with horse Melissa Crane v2Visiting a local animal sanctuary is also an amazing experience. There are so many rescues that need volunteers or you can just visit during a weekend trip. These rescues heal the animals, so that they can in turn, heal us. If you’ve never hugged a cow, I highly recommend it.

Gentle-Barn-tennessee-Melissa-craneGo on a hike. Unplugging doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. Just grab a backpack, water, and healthy snacks and take the whole family out to a national, state or local park. Great family bonding and exercise at the same time! Even if you don’t think that you have great hiking near you, a quick Google search may surprise. you.


What do you like to do to unplug and recharge?

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