You Need an Email List (Here are 4 Reasons Why)

Email and email newsletters have been around for years. But, email is not dead y’all. Even though social media may seem to have taken over, it is imperative that your business continues to have an email list, and that you spend some energy growing and sustaining that list.

You may be wondering… good grief, why do I want to add another thing to my ever growing to do list? Because email is one of the best ways to convert visitors to into customers.

Reasons Why you need an Email List

4 Reasons Why You Need an Email List:

1. Email converts higher
. This is because email sales funnels work. Once someone has enough vested interest in subscribing to your newsletter, they want to learn more and you already have their attention. Now, what you need to do is provide enough value in your emails to convince your subscribers to purchase what you are offering.

2. Giving you their email address is a “YES”. 
When someone subscribes to your email newsletter list, they are saying “yes.” They have already bought into something that you offer. Now, it’s up to you to use your email list to build on that “yes” in order to convert them into a “bigger yes” (ie. A sale) or to keep them coming back as a loyal customer.

3. Your blog posts and social posts won’t always get seen
. Social media is a fleeting thing, people scroll through their timelines at lightning speed and may or may not see your post. Once you are in their email inbox, you have made a special connection with them. Email is more intimate and guarantees that your message will be seen.

4. You own your list. Social platforms control who can see what you post. Google could tank your website traffic tomorrow if it wanted to. But aside from your website, your email list is the only other thing on the internet that you control. 

Now that I’ve convinced you to start that email list…!

Next Steps:

Pick an email provider. My favorite is MailChimp, I’ve used them for years and recommend them to all of my clients. Their platform is easy to use and the customer support is amazing. I’m not just saying this because they are also an Atlanta-based company, I promise.

This was the last post in my digital marketing series to kick off 2018. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and pulled some actionable items to implement into your own business or website.

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