Power of Shared Beliefs in Marketing

When you are in marketing, it’s important to work with a product or service that lines up with your own values. Your shared beliefs in marketing will help the passion shine through and purpose of your mission (more revenue) will come more easily.

From my own experience, when I worked in the gaming industry. It was easy to go through the motions of marketing because the basic underlying principles are the same across the board (market research, target audience, branding, implementation, analyze results).

Deep down I didn’t connect with the industry itself. I love being outdoors, and avoid more screen time than is necessary for work. I hate guns and violence. My heart hurt from seeing all the waste that came from production in China and throw away plastic parts.

Even though work was close to home and the pay was decent, I stayed because I was able to tolerate everything else. Hint – you shouldn’t be tolerating what you spend most of your waking hours doing.

Now, my full time job has me marketing flip flops and sandals. Um hello, a dream come true for this gal who wishes she was really a mermaid. The products are recyclable (hallelujah!), eco-friendly, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Marketing shoe fashion industry ecofashion made in usa

Whether you work for a company or are a consultant, choose your clients and work wisely. Make sure that you have shared beliefs in marketing. Not only should the work you do pay the bills, it should fulfill you in other ways too. Work with people who share your same values and it will make for a beautiful partnership.


If you’re struggling to find that perfect match, take some time and set your intentions, maybe make a vision board to help visualize your goals. Once you are clear on what you want and what will make you happy, put it out there and let the law of attraction do its thing.

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