How Being Pregnant has Helped my Business

Having a baby is just like starting or taking on a new project (or business), at least I would like to think that it is. Taking on new projects is not an entirely new concept to us women business owners.

Although I am terrified on most days, feeling as if I’m staring down the barrel of a gun, I am excited about my “new project” that will commence in early October. It very well may be the most rewarding and fulfilling “project” of my life, and I am fully expecting it to be.

Being pregnant hasn’t been the “kiss of death” for my business life, as many people in corporate America may think. I haven’t become (more) distracted or given up, just because I am now toting around a basketball-sized belly.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Here are 5 ways pregnancy has helped me simplify things in my business:

1. Firm deadlines
The baby is coming in less than three months. There’s no arguing it. There’s no pushing it back (pun intentded).

The thins with setting goals for your own business is that since you are the boss, other “more important” things come up and accomplishing those goals gets postponed. I have set some pretty big goals that need to be completed before the arrival of Little C, and as much as I would like, there’s no postponing the deadline.

2. Time Management
Even though “mini-me” hasn’t arrived yet, she has already affected my brain and energy levels.

There are days when I can’t work for more than 3-4 hours before my mind gives up and I head directly to the couch for a nap. Thus, time management has become crucial.

To work through this, I went through and analyzed how I was spending my time, and immediately eliminated tasks that weren’t moving me towards my end goals.

3. Project Management
Because of the limited amount of time, important things needed to be moved to the front of the line. Once those items were checked off of my to-do list, everything else became a bonus task.

What qualifies as “Important”:
– Projects that immediately make money (client work)
– Networking to build my personal and business brands (via social media and in person)

4. Boundaries
Work-life balance has slowly become more important than ever. The impending arrival of Little C means baby registries, nursery decorating, doctor’s appointments, keeping up with exercise and the dreaded nesting instinct.

Even though my mind tries its darnedest to pull me away from work, setting boundaries means that during certain hours I need to shut out the “mommy brain” and only work on business related activities. And outside of those certain hours, I’m allowed to indulge that “mommy” part of my mind and clean & decorate to my heart’s content.

5. Set Priorities
With the impending lack of time, and birth of baby, something in my head clicked and suddenly I started to re-think my priorities.

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