Setting Intent and the Law of Attraction

Do all things with intent. Set your intent and surround yourself with positivity.

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I got back last week from a dive trip to Little Cayman. The preplanned trip happened to coincide with me leaving a company that I had been working at for the past three years. Although I had been unhappy for the last few months at that job, leaving was still a shock to my system. I was comfortable and it never seemed like the right time to make the push for change.

Before leaving on our trip, I decided that I would take advantage of being away, take that time to reflect on what I wanted and what my next steps would be.

So, I set my intent for the dive trip to gain clarity on what my next move is with my career. On the plane ride to the island, I decided that if I am to start consulting work again, I needed to find clients with businesses that excite me, that made me feel that passion for building again.

Less than an hour after arriving at our resort, we sat down to dinner and met a gentleman who owns a dive shop 7 minutes from our house. Wait, what just happened?

We chatted for over an hour about Atlanta dive shops, diving in the Caribbean and small business marketing.

You guys, visualization and the law of attraction is real and it works.

Melissa Crane hawksbill sea turtle

It really, really works.

Setting Intent

1. Setting intent is drawing a map of where you want to go.
2. Set short term goals to lead you to your larger goals
3. Put it out to the world. Tell someone about it, talk about it, write about it.

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