Summer Bucket List for Little Heroes

As much as technology and the internet are my friends during the week, I also work hard to ensure my kids stay away from electronics as much as possible. The more time they spend play with each other and using their imaginations and the less time spent watching TV or playing on an iPad, counts as success to me.

To optimize the relative small amount of time that I have to spend with my girls outside of work, I've complied a list that I'm calling my "working mom's summer bucket list for little heroes." This list of 25 things to do with your kids over the summer is made up of activities that make a good attempt at balancing fun and learning, while also teaching the little ones compassion with a touch of getting involved in the local community.

I've created a bucket list with my 2 and 5 year old in mind, even though most of the items would also be fun for big kids (and adults)!

Summer Bucket List for Little Heroes

1. Have a picnic at a state park
2. Watch a sunset at the beach (or over a lake)
3. Fly a kite.
4. Camp in the backyard.
5. Stargaze.
6. Plant flowers or vegetables
7. Dance in the rain

Food Science
8. Make s’mores with a solar oven
9. Make ice cream in a bag
10. Learn how plants absorb water with cabbage leaves and food coloring

Create Art
11. Make a sidewalk chalk mural
12. Paint pet rocks
13. Go on a nature walk and create art from nature objects that you collect along the way
14. Have an outdoor painting party
15. Write and illustrate your own book and have it self-published (

Pretend Play
16. Build a fort out of cardboard boxes
17. Run around the yard with wind catchers made from party streamers.

Be Kind to Animals
18. Save earthworms after a summer rain
19. Visit an animal sanctuary

20. Visit a local farmer’s market
21. Take a free kid's workshop at a home improvement store
22. Visit a fire station

Get Active
23. Go on a hike
24. Learn to ride a bike
25. Go canoeing at a local lake

I'll be revisiting this list throughout the summer and adding my recaps after we complete each item. What's on your summer bucket list?

Download a printable PDF of this list to enjoy with your family

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