The In’s and Out’s of Photoshop | Teaching a Workshop

I taught my first Photoshop workshop yesterday at the She Learns Training Center in Duluth, GA to a great group of fellow female entrepreneurs. It’s been a few years since I taught design & animation classes back in college, so it was fun to get up and teach in front of a group again.

We spent most of the time going through a few exercises in Photoshop – I believe the best way to learn is to just do what you want to learn, and then practice, practice, practice. So, we cropped, rotated, changed colors of bags and created a simple web banner.

I’m not sure what I was explaining here, but “the claw” made an appearance.

(Thanks Rayann of She Learns for the photo!)

From what I heard, people loved the class and got a lot out of it (whew! I was a tad nervous beforehand.) and it looks like we might be putting together another Photoshop class, as well as an Illustrator class in the next couple months. So, yay! Stay tuned.

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