Three Hobbies

I came across this image on Pinterest last week and it really resonated with me. Since my word of the year is “passion,” I thought this would be a great place to start.

Find three hobbies you love quote

After some thought, here are my three hobbies:

One to make you money: design + photography
My love/hate relationship with design and photography continues…. but no worries, it’s more love than hate.

One to keep you in shape: tennis, running, swimming
Okay, so I have three of them. But, tennis is tough to do on my own (the husband doesn’t play). Running gets really boring on its own. And swimming? Well, without a gym membership, swimming is only possible during the summer months.

One to be creative: sewing
I finally learned to use a proper sewing machine last year, and now I can actually make useful things out of all the pretty fabrics from the fabric store. First up is a tree skirt for Christmas next year.

So, what are your three hobbies?

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