Website Builder Platforms – WordPress vs Squarespace

Navigating the online space can be intimidating for the less tech savvy. There are so many options out there when deciding how to create your website. Luckily for us, gone are the days where the only option was to code your website from scratch. There are so many options now, from the plug and play, to the more complex website builder platforms.

The question becomes: which one should I pick?

Here’s a list that I’ve compiled with pros and cons of the two major website builder platforms, to help make your choice a bit easier:

First question to ask yourself: What is the primary purpose of your new website?
1. Information – to showcase information (blog posts, service based businesses)
2. Ecommerce – to sell products (online retail/ecommerce, product based businesses)

For information based sites:


– Open source (free), lots of plugins and customizations available.
– You own your website 100%. You can download your entire website (database and files) at any point.

– Difficult to navigate if this is the first website you’ve built.
– Need to find your own hosting (this isn’t hard to do, Bluehost makes it super easy for first timers) and domain purchase.

– Easy to set up, all in one hosting, URL/domain purchase.
– They make it super simple to create your website, with click and drop options for design

– You don’t own your entire website, there is no way to download your entire site.
– You are limited in functionality of the site, sky is not the limit with Squarespace.

Of the two major website building platforms for information heavy websites, Squarespace may be for you if you want something simple and don’t care much about content ownership and flexibility. While WordPress would be the better choice for the vast majority.

Just because Squarespace is easier, doesn’t mean that WordPress isn’t easy to set up either.

Have additional questions? Leave them in the comments below!

Need help? Shoot me a note! I’ll be happy to help out.

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