What Is Branding?

Branding used to mean a logo and tagline representing a company. While a strong visual identity is vital to your business, effective branding is so much more than that.

What is Branding Melissa Crane

What branding is today

1. Shares your business principles and attracts those with similar beliefs to you

2. Confirms your credibility as a business

3. Emotionally connects your target audience with your product or service

4. Builds trust with your customers

5. Creates user loyalty

I love this line from Hubspot about branding:
“A great brand comes from a place of truth about what a business authentically represents, and about what its products means to its customers. It’s not magic, it’s insight.”

Here are the key parts of defining your brand, and I won’t lie, really putting these down on paper will take a bit of work. I’m 100% certain that you already live and breathe your brand, most small business owner and entrepreneurs do. The challenge is translating your thoughts and feelings into words so that others (including employees) can start living and breathing your brand as well.

1. Brand manifesto – declare your intent and purpose

2. Value proposition – states the value you bring to your customers

3. Brand story – how people are going to connect with your brand

4. Brand personality – what your brand would be like if it was a person

Need help defining these? I’m putting an online workshop together to walk you through these steps. Shoot me a message if you have questions or are interested and I’ll put you on the list!

This well quoted line about marketing and branding really says it all:
“People don’t buy products, they buy brands.”

Once you have defined your brand, then comes the fun part: putting it into practice! I’ve written up a handy dandy checklist of everything you need to consider when launching your new brand online, or revamping one in need of some TLC.

Melissa Crane free online branding checklist download

Download it here and let me know in the comments below what one thing you are going to do today to build your brand online!

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