Why Logo Design Should Cost more than $99

In order to understand the cost of have a logo designed, we need to talk about what is in a logo – why it is a vital part of your business.

A logo is designed for immediate recognition of your business, it is meant to inspire trust, people should be able to look at your logo and understand something about your company. A logo also serves to set you apart from other businesses in the same market as yours.

A few reasons why a logo is so important:
1. It is the first impression people get of your business.
2. It needs longevity and originality.
3. It is the starting point of your entire business brand.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you know how incredibly saturated the wedding photography market is. When a bride is looking through dozens of photographers’ websites, don’t you want another way to set yourself apart from the other guys? Sure, your photography has to be top notch, but if a bride is looking through at least 10 photography websites per day, all of the photos start to blend together, and unless your business name is very memorable, all of the business names start sounding the same. Trust me on this one. In this case, having a great logo and brand can do wonders for you.

These are only a few reasons why logo design is so important and should not be taken lightly. So, why would you risk having no logo or settling with a cheap logo design?

The design of something so important to the brand of your company doesn’t magically happen overnight. There is a process:

1. Planning: The designer has the client fill out a questionnaire or conducts an interview with the client to get details about your company and mission.
2. Research: The designer researches the client’s industry and market: its history, its competitors, the things that the client’s customers value, logo designs that have been successful in the client’s market, and more.
3. Design: The designer takes the information that they have gathered and develops logo design concepts.
4. Presentation: The designer presents logo design options to the client.
5. Revisions: The designer takes the feedback from the client to finalize the logo
6. Celebration: We all celebrate the birth of a new brand. Hooray!

So, how much does the design of a logo cost?
It is nearly impossible to answer without more details of the project. Most designers will have a starting price for logo design and then will give the client a customized logo depending on how many revisions there are and the amount of research required before designing the logo.

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