The Secret Ingredient Your Business Needs in 2019

I’ll let you in on the secret to being successful in marketing for your small business this year.


It’s pretty magical.

Here we go….


Have a marketing calendar (aka a plan).

Okay, I’m sorry. It’s not as groundbreaking as you were probably hoping. But trust me, if you have a solid plan and stick to it, the results from your marketing efforts will take your breath away.

Now, let’s talk about how to put together your marketing plan and calendar for 2019. Grab a sheet of paper, the closest napkins sitting in front of you at Starbucks, or open up Google Sheets on your laptop (my choice!).

First, fill in holidays and industry events.

Holidays won’t move and everyone looks forward to them. These are the easiest landmarks to organize a marketing plan around.

Next, is there seasonality to your market?

For example, people flock to gyms and fitness clubs in January. Shoppers go nuts in November in preparation for Christmas.

What has worked in the past?

If something worked last year, by all means… do it again. But do it better and bigger this time around.

Define topic themes.

Put your brainstorming hat on. What kinds of things do people ask about the most? Where is it that you make the most money? Where do you see the greatest opportunities for growth?

Map Content on Your Calendar

Put deadlines on projects. Plan days when you will take tons of photos for social posting for the month.

Finally, look through your year… are there any gaps?

The key to great marketing is consistency. Too much time in between campaigns or posts could leave customers and prospects unengaged. You want to achieve top-of-mind awareness.

Don’t leave gaps.

Tips for Using Your Marketing Calendar

Now that you’ve put in the work to make a marketing calendar, don’t forget to use it! Some of my top tips for staying on top of things and being consistent.
1. Set aside a day or two every month to write, design, photograph, video the content that you will need.
2. Work through an entire month’s worth of campaigns at a time. That way, it’s done and you won’t forget about it during the day to day of running your business.
3. Stay consistent. You may not get great response right off the bat, and that’s okay. Keep posting and engaging and adjusting.
4. Look at your results and adjust as you go.

Happy planning!

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